Emergencies & Claims

The information below is to direct you to the insurers' and underwriters' services, as we do not handle these vital issues. This would merely slow down the process for you when time is really of the essence.

  • Emergency Contact Numbers
  • Claims Contact Numbers

Emergency Contact Numbers

(All insurers emergency lines are manned 24 Hours per day 7 days per week including public holidays by qualified staff)

QBE Policies - The QBE Assist emergency contact numbers are:

Austria 0800 291 702
Brazil 0800 891 8401
Canada 1800 665 3870
China North 10800 611 0133
China South 10800 361 0151
Fiji 00800 2149
France 0800 90 5097
Germany 0800 181 7694
Greece 00800 6112 6195
Hong Kong 800 933 877
India 000 800 610 1119
Indonesia 001 803 61 683
Ireland 1800 552 636
Israel 180 945 6589
Italy 800 875 100
Japan 00531 616 441
Malaysia 1800 800 428
Netherlands 08000 226 742
New Zealand 0800 441 678
Philippines 1800 1611 0045
Singapore 800 6161 051
South Africa 0800 99 3514
Spain 900 996 167
Sweden 0200 214 612
Switzerland 0800 838 533
Thailand 001 800 611 2885
United Kingdom 0800 899 813
USA 1800 765 8631
AUSTRALIA 1300 555 019 or +61 3 8523 2800
To send a fax dial the relevant International Access Code then dial: +61 3 8 523 2815 Or email us via : qbeassist@qbe.com

Claims Contact Numbers

QBE Policies - 1300 555 017 - Claims / Customer & Medical Services (within Australia)

Making a claim

You must do everything reasonable to prevent a loss from occurring or, when a loss has occurred, from making the loss worse. In the event of a claim you must:

(a) notify us promptly of a claim and complete a Claim Form;

(b) give us any documents, letters or notices relating to a claim or possible claim, medical certificates, itemised medical accounts, original receipts, rental agreements, repair quotes, ticket and luggage checks or information that we reasonably ask for. This will be at your expense;

(c) forward immediately any letters or documents you receive from anyone else relating to a potential claim;

(d) not make any promise or offer of payment, or admit fault to anyone, or become involved in any litigation in respect of an event that may result in a claim under this policy, without our consent;

(e) in the event of a claim caused by any medical condition, obtain evidence from the treating doctor as soon as you are aware of signs or symptoms of the condition;

(f ) in cases of theft, damage or loss, report the matter to the police, transport provider, hotel or other authority within 24 hours and obtain a copy of that report; and

(g) report any loss or damage to your accompanying luggage in writing to the carrier within 3 days and send to us a property irregularity report, along with details of any settlement that they make in relation to the loss or damage.

  • we may, at our expense, take proceedings in your name to recover compensation or enforce an indemnity against someone else in respect of a loss covered by this insurance in accordance with the law.
  • we may refuse to pay a claim under this policy if you do not comply with any condition of this policy.
  • we may refuse to pay all or part of a claim if your claim is fraudulent.
  • if anyone else is legally responsible for your illness, injury or death we may seek compensation from them to recover any costs we have paid or seek reimbursement from you if you receive any payment from any other source for these expenses.

Proof of loss

If you make a claim under your policy we will ask you for evidence of the circumstances which gave rise to the claim and proof that you have suffered a loss. If you are claiming for loss of, or damage to any item we will ask you to provide:

  • proof that you owned the item; and
  • proof of its value and age.

Therefore you should keep all relevant receipts, accounts, valuations and police or medical reports. We
will not pay any claim when the only proof of ownership is:

  • a photograph; or
  • a photocopy of any documentation; or
  • a copy of the user's manual downloaded from the internet unless you also submit a Statutory Declaration.

If you cannot provide the evidence or proof that we ask for we may not pay you.

Paying the claim

1. An excess may apply to a claim you make under this policy. The amount of the excess is shown on your Certificate of Insurance. This excess will apply to each event that results in a claim. Where applicable we will deduct the excess from any payment we make to you.  This excess will be reimbursed to you if we successfully recover an amount exceeding the amount of the excess.

2. Claims will be paid to you or your personal representative in Australian dollars on the basis of the exchange rate that applied at the time of the event that gave rise to the claim. We will not pay more than your actual loss

3. You must tell us if you are entitled to claim an input tax credit at the time of making the claim. If you do not provide us with this information we may deduct up to 1/11th of the amount otherwise payable in settlement of your claim.

4. If we agree to pay a claim under your policy, this policy covers GST inclusive costs (up to the relevant travel plan limit). However, we will reduce any claim payment by any input tax credit you are or would be entitled to for the repair or replacement of insured property or for other things covered by the policy.

5. At the time you make a claim you must tell us if your entitlement to an input tax credit which you have told us:

(a) is incorrect; or

(b) changes from what you have told us, when you extend or vary your policy.


The nominated depreciation rate will apply to each year of age up to a maximum of 80% of the original purchase price of that item.

10% Camping, sporting and leisure equipment (not leisure clothing), and musical instruments.

15% Clothing, footwear, personal effects, luggage, prescription glasses, sunglasses, costume jewellery and books.

20% Personal and or laptop computers, communication or photographic equipment, electronic equipment, iPods, mobile phones, CDs and DVDs.

50% Toiletries including skin care, makeup, perfume, medication. Items not listed above will also be subject to depreciation at our reasonable discretion.

Obtaining a claim form

To obtain a claim form, go to https://travel.qbe.com/qbe/claims or contact our representative or us. You can help us to speed up the processing of your claim by following the instructions on the Claim Form, which will advise you of what documentation you need to provide to support your claim. The completed claim form should be sent to:

QBE Travel Insurance
PO Box 12090, Melbourne VIC 8006
Claims Enquiries: 1300 555 017 or (03) 8523 2777
Email: travel.claims@qbe.com

Claims service standard

Our claims service standard is to settle your claims within 10 working days upon the receipt of a completed Claim Form and all necessary supporting information. If more information is required we will contact you within 10 working days.