About Cruise Travel Insurance     

Cruise Travel Insurance is a division of Travel Insurance Australia Pty Ltd, and was prepared specifically for those who have a travel component that is Cruising or who are JUST Cruising. 

All policies offered cover not only Cruising but also land and air components.

Mr. Walter De Angeli founded Australia's first Internet multi insurer/multi choice discount travel insurance site. Opening in 1999 under the Valley Travel Centre banner, the operation was split from the travel side in July 2005.

Over the years this operation has successfully arranged millions of dollars worth of travel insurance.

"Our aim is always to make the clients experience in seeking and purchasing a policy for their type of trip as easy as we can and accessible at times that suit them, not us"  says Mr. De Angeli

To this end Travel Insurance Australia Pty Ltd has, is and will continue to release offshoot sites catering to specific client types needs.

We provide an extensive range of travel insurance products at discount prices!

Our staff is specially trained in the area of travel, in fact we ONLY do Travel Insurance. Most of our staff are well travelled and some are ex travel agents so we know more than most people not only about travel insurance but travel in general.