Cruise Travel Insurance

For many people a cruise holiday is their lifelong dream. Floating along, waking at a new harbour or country every other day. Fine dining and live entertainment to fulfil the evenings. Make sure your next cruise goes off without a hitch. Invest in Cruise Travel Insurance as your safety net on the high seas.

Be Smart. Be Safe.

Smart travellers will always spend time comparing travel insurance policies before they depart for their holidays. At Cruise Travel Insurance we give you a choice of policies from a selection of insurers with quality underwriters. So you get your cruising holiday travel insurance at the best price available. To top it off, we discount the policies so that they're cheaper than buying direct from the insurers. In other words, we leave you with extra money in your pocket for your holiday.

We always say "If you can't afford travel insurance you can't afford to travel". Mal de Mere is not the only thing that may dampen your Cruise,  You need travel insurance to cover you against the things that can go wrong that would cause you financial and personal problems. Medical facilities in some countries are simply not up to scratch. Lost or delayed luggage can be a real pain. Disrupted travel arrangements can ruin your holiday.

Even if you're cruising locally along the Great Barrier Reef things can go wrong. Cover yourself against these unexpected events and you'll have complete peace of mind.